Out walking

As the days get colder I’ve been enjoying walking around Featherston. Sometimes I walk with Tom (before work) or Ellen (on the weekends) and sometimes I walk alone, listening to podcasts and thinking about things.

There’s something much more romantic about walking in the cold – the light is great, you take the time to notice surroundings as fewer people are out, and when you get home you feel like you’ve achieved something as you return back to the warm embrace of the house.

I’ve been taking the occasional photo as I go. And I have found that All Songs Considered is really the best podcast for walking to although I’d love recommendations of what music you like to walk or run to.






2 Responses to Out walking

  1. Tony says:

    Your Grandparents had a car like the one on the right, a Vauxhall. Imagine grandma & grandad with four kids and all our camping gear travelling to Wanaka. Fortunately we had few clothes and even less toys.

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