Friday list: 24 May 2013

We’re getting stuff done today. And by we’re I mean me.

  • Have a little sleep in – I slept in until 8am today, which is heaps longer than normal
  • Put the fire on – in the last week it’s got really cold all of a sudden – and leafy
  • Edit some photos
  • Add my new bags to the Emma Makes shop
  • Pick some lemons
  • Fill up the wood baskets
  • Take some photos for a DIY blog post
  • Sewing!
  • Take some things to the Post Office
  • A meeting with Lucy about sponsoring a radio show
  • Pick up a print from Mr Feather’s Den – a cool little shop in Featherston
  • Fold the washing
  • Make the dinner – we’re having Chicken Cordon Bleu because we love 1993
Image via Pinterest - click for link

Image via Pinterest


4 Responses to Friday list: 24 May 2013

  1. lynnjtaylor says:

    Fridays come around fast! Hey am coming up 14th/15th of September to teach 2 classes through Solander – one a bookmaking the other solar plate. Maybe you will come on one? Or maybe I can be part of your Friday list again…ohhh it would be a black Friday too. If you are not in Japan buying washi tape then. 🙂

  2. Today I am:

    -cleaning the house – one weekend away and it’s gone feral (life living with three males…)
    -it’s sunny so I’m going to get all three beds worth of linen through the wash
    -go to the red cross book sale – YAY!!!
    -pick up feijoas for a crumble
    -have emma and simon here for dinner

    Woot, domestic Friday! I am wearing my Ramari housecoat, it makes the housework seem less hideous.

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