Friday list: 17 May 2013

  • Have a little sleep in √
  • Make some pancakes for breakfast √
  • Wash a few dishes we had √
  • Pack up some stuff to do at the shop
  • Craft Country duty from 10am – 3pm where I will…
  • Make a new window display (we still have Mother’s Day up – shame)
  • Sew a big green doily on the back of a cardigan
  • Sew up a bunch of pinned things
  • Write some postcards
  • Read some book and then…
  • Fill the firewood baskets
  • Fill the windscreen wiper squirty things (technical term) on the car
  • Change the sheets on my bed
  • Make dinner – tomato soup with pea puree and halloumi toasties

forest-walk-collageImage: part of my Autumn bags and purses photo shoot for Emma Makes (coming soon)


5 Responses to Friday list: 17 May 2013

  1. Your list sounds idilic. On my list there will be: try and coax toddler onto potty, after which they go into the lounge and pee on the floor. Sigh!

  2. thismumrocks says:

    Will you post a pic of the new display? I always liked seeing the window displays at Craft Country.

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