A Kinfolk gathering in Featherston

Kinfolk is an American entertaining magazine renowned for their beautiful styling and worldwide events. My friends Becka and Richard have recently become Kinfolk hosts in New Zealand and are coming to Featherston to host the May event.

They’re running their workshop in the Kiwi Hall, a beautiful little wooden hall that has old photos in wooden frames of Featherston’s founders hanging around the walls. Here’s the details…

May workshop:: Making Natural Cleaning Supplies
Time to turn the house upside down and freshen up for the new season! We’ll be joining together this month to learn a bit about taking care of our homes the natural way. Attendees will come away with a complete kit for maintenance of everything from polishing up the wood floors to keeping pesky bugs off sun-porch plants. We’ll finish the day with food inspired by our naturally made products, nibbling on lemony, lavender-laced snacks and herbal-inspired drinks.

Location – Kiwi Hall, Birdwood St, Featherston
Date – Sunday, 26th May
Time – 1:30pm – 4:30pm
Tickets available here.

Getting to Featherston
To get to the event you can either bike or walk (if you’re local) or drive or take the train from Wellington, which is an hour-long journey. The train leaves Wellington on a Sunday at 9.55am and returns, leaving Featherston at 5.26pm.

Come over for brunch at Everest Cafe (opposite the petrol station) or a stroll through Featherston’s vintage and secondhand stores. Everything in Featherston is an easy walk from the station.

Photo above by Kelsi Farrington

Photos above by Michael Graydon

P.S. It cracks me up to see Featherston listed amongst more glamorous places like LA, Portland, Madrid, Istanbul and Sydney.


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