The never-ending spiral

Over the last couple of days I’ve been in a cycle where I’ve found lots of good new things on the Internet and then I’ve realised all those things are somehow connected. It’s quite weird but also quite good.

I recently found The Golden Adventures of a Very Dark Horse via Rhiannon on Facebook. I’m really enjoying reading Stella’s blog because it’s interesting and beautiful but also useful – for example, yesterday she posted a great tutorial for using Pic Monkey.

The heading at the top of Stella’s blog – I love a good sailing ship.

I’ve been thinking about my Emma Makes online shop lately; I love the clean look of it and the set up but feel that it could do with being a bit warmer. To achieve this I’ve settled on the idea of having some kind of background pattern, which I wanted to reflect my style: handmade, floral, witty sayings and the like.

So I contacted an illustrator whose work I’d seen on Facebook to chat about whether she’d be keen for the work. Rosa does beautiful illustrations and wonderful photographs and has been a dream to email. She also has a blog that I’m slowly working my way through.

And during the course of our chatting I found out she’s Stella’s sister…

Of course I think all of these people also know Dee who I’m really excited to be doing a winter collaboration with. Read more about that on my Emma Makes blog.


3 Responses to The never-ending spiral

  1. Clare says:

    It’s a small world huh! 😉

    • tomandemma says:

      It sure is! I feel like I’ve tapped into a new circle of people who know each other and once you’ve found one of them then a whole doorway of new blogs/Facebook pages opens.

  2. toastandcupcakes says:

    I love this. I also love Stella. So glad you found her (and Dee and Rosa)! Very pleased I could be the connecter.

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