An apple a day

On Saturday I worked in the Craft Country shop, which means that by the time 3pm rolls around I’m looking for anything that doesn’t involve sitting at a desk.

Since we were pretty sick of walking around Featherston for exercise, my friend Ellen and I drove to Greytown. We figured they have fancier houses so if nothing else there would be some new scenery and a good stare into people’s expensive houses and well-tended gardens.

What we didn’t plan on was stumbling onto an apple orchard in the middle of town. Because we’re naughty we went through the fence and walked the length of a couple of fields, which were row up row filled with trees absolutely weighted down with eating apples. There were so many apples they’d started falling off the trees and rotting on the ground so as we wandered we’d go through patches that smelt like cider and then some that smelt like vinegar.

A couple of kittens ran across our path… it was ridiculously idyllic.

apples-collage IMG_4763




I thought the orchard would make a great location for some new autumn bag photos so may yet return.

Lately I’ve really been enjoying eating apples with peanut butter as a snack. Hard, crisp apples are the best and I prefer sweet varieties like Royal Gala or Eve.

And in other news, I was in the paper on Friday.


8 Responses to An apple a day

  1. Wow. That’s my idea of paradise! Beautiful.

  2. carol says:

    awesome news write up!! yay!!! I know a famous person…thats YOU! 🙂

  3. Ellen says:

    That is the cutest photo of you on/in the paper. Today i went back to relive the joy of appling and there were lots of folks with machines picking the apples which i am glad about because the walk was beautiful but a little sad that there was so much waste. Instead we went to the Greytown lolly shop to pick fruits.

    • tomandemma says:

      Great! I’m pleased that the apples aren’t being wasted but also slightly bummed out that maybe I can no longer take photos of my bags amongst the apples. I can probably fake it with the photos I have.

  4. Julie says:

    What a lucky chance to find the apples, some great photos. Loved the article as well. I have discovered a new apple called Ambrosia, very crisp. juicy and sweet. My favourite, now.

    • tomandemma says:

      I’ll look that out. My favourite is called (I think) Eden, which is crisp and sweet and if you cut it open it won’t go brown for ten hours. It’s quite hard to find and definitely not a Pak n Save apple.

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