Good socks and a discount code too

Since learning about Good Socks I’ve had the chance to meet it’s owner, Maeve. We’ve chatted about our online businesses and on Sunday spent a random half hour taking photos of ourselves for a couple of stories that the Wairarapa Times Ages is going to run.

I’ve also got myself some Good Socks. I chose little frilly ankle socks and have been wearing them with footless tights and brogues for a new (to me) look. I usually just wear socks to schlep around the house or inside my gumboots or walking shoes but am enjoying this socks-as-fashion lark.

And since Maeve is so nice she’s giving all readers of our blog 20% off her socks for a week. Just head over to the Good Socks site, and enter the code Emmamakes at checkout to get the discount. Good Socks does free shipping across New Zealand so it’s a doubly-good deal.

An update – Maeve is in the Wairarapa Times Age today.




One Response to Good socks and a discount code too

  1. amanda joblin says:

    Very nice socks…..thanks.

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