On dressing up

This week has been cold and dark. Damn you daylight savings – what are you bringing us that’s any good? It’s not lighter any time of day; when I get up it’s black when I get home it’s black. Winter is coming.

What I’ve found most difficult is that this week (after a long, idyllic summer) I’ve been really cold. This Friday I’m going to clean out my wardrobe and get it ready for winter but right now I’m thinking what will I wear this year? Every season this happens to me. I’m either slightly too hot or slightly too cold until I work out clothing options.

Thankfully that’s why we have Pinterest. I just took a swing through my ‘Dressing Up‘ board and decided this autumn and winter I’ll wear…

Winter floral dresses with bright cardigans

Really long skirts – maybe one in velvet

Bright shoes and shoes with ribbons instead of laces

A skirt made of tulle – I made a teal one years ago and loved it so should make another.

Cardigans with interesting details. Something I can easily achieve if I spend a night mending all the holes in my cardys.

A touch of sparkle.

Kick-arse boots.

Hilarious t-shirts (with merino tops underneath)

Fashion in Eastern Christchurch – a hat tip to Wanda Harland for the link.

On Dressing Up is also the name of this blog, which is well worth following for its beautiful photos. It’s infrequently updated but always a treat when it is.

3 Responses to On dressing up

  1. amanda joblin says:

    Ok….I want the first outfit, of the floral dress and green cardi, and then I want the red shoes, and need more boots, ….and love the blog on Fashion in Eastern Chch, that is my part of town. I am up and down those streets all the time, no photos of me there thou! There are def lots of old (and young ) characters there.

    • tomandemma says:

      Next time you head outside maybe wear a neon bathing suit? Or something truly crazy and you might make the cut.

      I love that green cardy in the first photo so much.

  2. amanda joblin says:

    In my mind I am sort of hip and cool, but it doesn’t quite transpire to the Amanda on the street! My 12 yr old daughter will confirm that!

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