I can see a rainbow see a rainbow

I love the idea that there’s fruit in the world that I’ve never seen. Recently Tom bought me this dragon fruit – it was subtle and sweet and stained my fingers.

My copy of this magazine came the other day and I’m looking forward to some quiet time to start reading.

It’s getting dark in the mornings now when we leave for work.

These were the flowers our feijoa made last year – I have my fingers crossed for good fruit.

Sometimes when you’re gardening in the sun you need to stop and lie in the grass in the shade for a bit.

Seeing this photo reminds me that this dress is in my wardrobe somewhere… and soon it will be cold enough to wear it again.

I found another stash of foraged grapes the other day… and now have my eye on some foraged figs, which Tom spotted on a recent walk.


2 Responses to I can see a rainbow see a rainbow

  1. amanda joblin says:

    Lovely photos, lovely colours!

    • tomandemma says:

      Thanks! I’ve been busy and distracted by other things at the moment so wanted something to give me a boost and get me motivated again. Hence the instagram trawl.

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