Autumnal gardening

One of the things I find most handy about regular blogging is the record of your house and garden that you can return to. For example, I can see that the spent summer veges and weeds I pulled out of the garden this weekend once looked like this. I can see that our collection of baskets were once filled with colourful flowers (in the weekend I pulled out a bunch of dead, drought-ruined plants).

It’s not that I have some kind of memory impairment but you do tend to forget how fast things grow.

We still have a couple of pumpkins growing, a few cucumbers, some spring onions and a last gasp of tomatoes. I weeded around those and then added two kinds of beetroot, celery, spinach, and lettuce. I’m hoping to also add some peas, more spring onions and onions. Am I too late for onions? Yates Garden Guide says no, lady at the local garden centre says probably.

Here’s some photos…





I’ve replanted our baskets with pansies and violets.


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