A book-inspired art print and a rant about printmaking

As a trained printmaker I really love handmade prints – especially the kind that are cut from wood and printed up with rolled ink. I’m also a fan of artists who use the proper printmaking protocols in their work.

Years ago I found a print I loved that was advertised as a limited edition. However, there wasn’t any information about the number of prints in the edition so I contacted the artist to ask. “Oh I haven’t decided the number yet,” he said, “and I’ll probably just print more until I get sick of it.” Needless to say I didn’t buy the print.

For me, if a print is a limited edition it needs to be produced by an artist who understands the phrase ‘limited edition’ and who has the ethics to stick to their initial print run.

Enter Richard and Becka – they’ve recently printed up an edition of 35 prints inspired by a book quote. They’re selling their limited edition of 35 online to raise money to rebuild their small business. They’ve also assured me that no more will be printed once this one is sold (yeah, I asked).

Buy their print here – along with other cool merchandise like tote bags, guitar picks and a t-shirt.

Becka and Richard are super nice people and deserve your custom so tell your friends too. Just the ones with good taste.



2 Responses to A book-inspired art print and a rant about printmaking

  1. I agree with you that printmakers should decide from the offset if a print is to be an ‘open’ or a ‘limited’ edition. Most people nowadays produce limited editions – the exclusivity means they are worth more. I do know of people who produce open editions as well, but they are very clear about that fact, and they are usually promotional or lower value pieces.
    Thanks for drawing Richard and Becka’s work to my attention, I’ll check it out now.

  2. tiny happy says:

    agree about limited editions. and i LOVE that print by becka and nathan. beautiful.

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