Another great thing about Featherston

Last year something really exciting happened in Featherston – we got a public sculpture. It’s great and I love it – it’s huge and bright and in the wind it moves and sounds like a piupiu rustling. Of course there were camps for and against the sculpture*, with my favourite criticism being, “what’s it meant to BE?” That one was overheard on a bus to Greytown.

Last Friday when I was taking my library books back (amazingly before I’d racked up fines) I stopped and took some photos of our sculpture. It’s real name is ‘Windgrass’ although I think people sometimes call it the spaghetti – because, you know, we’re cultured like that. Here’s some information on the artist.



IMG_4403*Here’s a tip – if there’s something happening in your town that the council is collecting submissions on and you like it, write in and say you like it. Otherwise the haters with the loudest voices win.

This image gives you an idea of scale, although you can’t walk through it like the woman in the picture.


One Response to Another great thing about Featherston

  1. Rhiannon says:

    It reminds me of porcupine quills!

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