Palmerston North floral

This weekend Tom and I, and his brother, went to Palmerston North for his Mum’s 70th birthday. There was lots of talking, laughing and a good deal of eating and drinking on Saturday night.

On Sunday morning I met Helen for brunch and then we walked around the Esplanade (Palmerston North’s Botanical Garden) at a glacial pace for about an hour just chatting and taking photos of plants; mainly dahlias and roses. We also managed to find New Zealand’s only patch of green grass so I took a photo of my feet, just to annoy Tom really because he thinks I’m a hipster every time I do this.










2 Responses to Palmerston North floral

  1. amanda joblin says:

    Good old Palmy…I spent my student years there as a Horticultural student! Then stayed on and worked for the council as a gardener in the Square, loved it! Do they still keep the Sqare looking nice, with the Clock Tower etc. I had such a great social life as a gardener.. my student friends would wander thru and I would lean on my spade and have a chat for a while, then continue digging until the next friend came thru! We did take pride in those gardens though, and the council seemed to have money to spend on them too…we even took time to clean out the ponds and care for the goldfish!

    • tomandemma says:

      That sounds idyllic! They’ve redone the Square recently with lots meeting space for events and other great things. It’s really great – although there might be fewer gardens.

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