A pom-pom bouquet

I love the word pom-pom. It feels so nice and round in your mouth, exactly like your mouth has become a pom-pom to say its name. And it seems like the kind of word you’d mutter to yourself if you went crazy. Pom-pom. Pom-pom.

I recently received a pom-pom bouquet in the post and I absolutely love it.

Made by Michelle Ransom of Circo, they were a swap for some Emma Makes products after we met at the Fruit Bowl Craft Jam last year in Hastings. Her pom poms are made in great colours and are stuck onto bamboo sticks (which smell amazing) and sit in one of my favourite jugs in our hallway so I see them every day.




2 Responses to A pom-pom bouquet

  1. amanda says:

    They are so pretty…you sound a bit like Miranda , she would love the words Pom Pom too! (Love the jug)

  2. Ellen says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE Michelles Pom poms.

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