The real life dahlia fan club

After I wrote my recent post about the Dahlia Fan Club, Helen sent me a card in the post and suggested that we do it for real. Carve out a little piece of garden at our houses  and grow our own dahlia collections. She suggested we could share information, swap bulbs and do all other manner of middle-aged activities in the name of dahlias.

Sounds like a great plan to me and you should do it too if you like. Helen and I live in different regions and climates so it will be great to see what grows well for each of us. The end goal is to have a summer of flowers.

I’ve decided to dedicate the crap-tastic piece of garden below to my project. It’s got a bay tree in it and some oregano (which I’ll keep) but mostly it’s just weeds. It’s also a bit low on dirt so phase one will be weeding and then filling up the garden so it’s in good shape for planting. I thought it might be nice to also grow some sweet peas up the old bed frame that we’ve got against the house.

In the meantime, if you know any information about dahlias or have favourite types let me know below in the comments. You could also sign up to join us since a club might be better with more than two people…

Here’s Helen’s blog so you can follow her dahlia journey too.



7 Responses to The real life dahlia fan club

  1. artandmylife says:

    My Mum has a dahlia variety named after her. “Pat Ericson”

  2. Sorry after my distracting weekend my post is going to be late, but I’m working on it!

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