Friday list: 8 March 2013

Happy International Women’s Day; here’s what I’m doing today….

  • Making some notebooks for orders
  • Make my lunch – today I’m having a scrambled egg and bacon breakfast wrap.YUM.
  • Talking to someone on the phone at 9am – I hardly ever talk on the phone
  • Going to the Post Office
  • Craft Country shop duty from 10am-3pm where I will…
  • Tidy the shop
  • Cut out winter bags
  • Probably write a letter. And then after…
  • Maybe go for a swim (it’s going to be 28 degrees here today)
  • Make dinner – we’re having pizza.

Also Happy Birthday Virginia. Go and see her blog – it’s a simple and great idea that she does every day.

Today we have a song instead of an image, via Courtney.


2 Responses to Friday list: 8 March 2013

  1. Lynn Taylor says:

    Ha ha ditto about the phone. I make Chris ring people and places for me – something that doesn’t go down to well with him either. I like text and other visual ways of communicating.

    • tomandemma says:

      In our house we have an agreement that Tom talks on the phone and I do the face to face speaking. It’s a great agreement… Unless someone wants to talk to me.

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