Recipe: pear and cardamom pie

Lets just pretend the picture of the pie below is the one I made. It’s just one from Pinterest because the real life pie was scoffed before I remembered to take a photo.

Tom has been on a few business trips lately and while I quite like time alone, I decided that a recent Thursday night would be much better with friends so I invited Campbell and Ellen over for a pie party. I cooked pear and cardamom pie and we drank whiskey and Frangelico and Campbell made me laugh so hard I almost choked to death coughing.

There’s no real recipe here but let me tell you how I made the pie because it’s super easy.

You will need:

  • Pears – I used between 10-14 pears that we were given. They were homegrown with super rough skin.
  • 2 tablespoons of ground cinnamon
  • 2 tablespoons of ground cardamom
  • Short pastry – I used sweet short but you could use flakey sweet

Turn your oven onto 180 – fan bake or bake.

Cut all the pears into quarters and take out the cores and stems. Life’s too short to peel pears – just leave the skin on. Boil them in about five cups of water and then once boiled turn the heat down and cook them for about 30-40 minutes so they’re soft but hold together. If yours don’t hold together it’s no great shakes.

Line the bottom of your dish with pastry. DON’T spray the dish or the sides of the pastry will melt into the base when it cooks. Blind bake it for about 25 minutes or until it looks quite cooked but not too brown.

Take the pie base out of the oven and set aside until the pears are done. Spoon the pears out with a slotted spoon so you leave behind any extra juice – put into the pie dish. Shake over the cinnamon and cardamom (cardamom is quite a strong flavour so you might like to use less). Stir the spices into the pears.

Put the top on the pie. Either a plain top or lattice or you might like to write words.

Cook the pie for about another 30 minutes until the top is nice and brown. Take out and serve with great vanilla ice-cream or custard.


5 Responses to Recipe: pear and cardamom pie

  1. Ellen says:

    It was scary when you almost died from campbells bad humour, but the pie was amazing. You have inspired us to have sweet pie instead of dinner a couple of times this week. I like how the goo part doesn’t have sugar. I reckon custard might not be very nice but yoghurt mmmm.

  2. Lynn Taylor says:

    Hey so here is a dumb question, but like cardamom…do you buy it ground up like an ordinary spice? I guess I should just look in the supermarket – just that I was introduced to it as one of the elements in coffee made by my friend from Jordan and I have therefore always presumed it came with her in an exotic little spice bag. Lol. But now I see it is being used in recipes a lot – so go on, improve my cooking and tell me more about it!

  3. Lynn Taylor says:

    Life is cruel, but on the upside now perhaps my cooking will be extra special when I get my little Gregg’s box. I’m making a rhubarb crumble once a week at the moment – addicted. One can eat it for breakfast, lunch, as a dessert or for afternoon tea with a spoonful or two of natural yogurt.

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