The Dahlia Fan Club

Somehow (this is how the best plans start) Helen and I realised recently that we both loved dahlias so she started a Dahlia Fan Club on Pinterest.

Have a look – it’s a beautiful place full of colour. We both occasionally have a good blitz of adding dahlia photos.

During this time I’ve learnt that the dahlia is the national flower of Mexico but am yet to find a decent Frida Kahlo and dahlia photo – if you do, let me know.

Click each image to see the source.


11 Responses to The Dahlia Fan Club

  1. Amanda says:

    Me again! I have to comment though because I LOVE Dahlias too…the Chch Botanical Gdns have a great display of them out at the moment, was in there the other weekend and took a few good photos…have some on my FB page.

  2. Did you get my card re: The Dahlia Fan Club?

  3. Ellen says:

    smile smile smile, it makes so much sense that you both have such a club. ( if helen is THE visiting-friend-sipping-kawakawa-tea-in-nice skirt) Have you seen Dahlia cottage on Fox Street ? it is wonderful. I’ll send you a picture for the club.

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