Le menu

Just to prove I’m not a one-hit wonder, here’s the lunch menu for this week. I wrote it down on Saturday before we went shopping…

Mon: super good sandwich (this was chicken, herb mayo, parmesan, lettuce). A super good sandwich is really just one where I make half an effort.

Tues: Hummus on toast with lemon, pepper and Maldon sea salt

Wed: Lunch out with a friend

Thurs: Chicken artichoke salad – as per last week – but with noodles. I’m making it for Tom too.

Fri: Scrambled egg and bacon breakfast wrap. Bacon! Yum!

All with side orders of olives, fruit, sugar-free jelly, nuts and raisins.


In other news, last night for craft night I made this chocolate pudding and it was so great. I highly recommend it as the month’s get cooler. It’s pretty saucy so you can eat it without ice-cream.


4 Responses to Le menu

  1. Amanda says:

    Might follow that menu myself, thanks!

  2. I just re-discovered sesame Ryvita crackers – low GI and so yummy with egg, hummus or cheese.

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