Friday’s lunch

What I really wanted to do this morning was have a sleep in and just grab lunch from the local cafe – that’s often what I do when I’m working in the Craft Country shop.

But that would ruin the lunchtime challenge so here’s what I’m having today…


Cold baked potato – this was actually a suggestion in the comments – with herb mayo, tinned tuna and cheese as well as olives and an apple. I even dug the potatoes out of the garden this morning.

What I’ve learnt this week is that lunch is way more interesting if I plan out on Saturday what I’m going to eat and then shop for it. I like different things every day – including different breads – and find it much easier to make something if I know what I’m supposed to be making.

Roll on next week (where I won’t tell you every day what I’m eating) so I can use some of the great suggestions you all made. I think hummus on toast will definitely be in there somewhere.


2 Responses to Friday’s lunch

  1. Amanda says:

    Looking very nice…I have had a run around day ,out in town, and had to stop and get Subway, was very hungry. What a mistake, it is only the second time I have ever had it and it looked so nice, probably because I was starving, but it was yukky! I was really feeling like something just like your picture….now that I am back home I am sipping on a cup of tea to settle my stomach!

  2. Gemma says:

    I love hearing what other people have for lunch, so I hope you still posts some pictures of your future meals and tricks. (i’m a lunch buyer nor, but normally pretty disappointed)

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