On being a winner

I recently wrote here about Dee’s fundraiser – I’d entered myself and was super excited to learn last week that I won! Sometimes when I enter competitions I get a feeling that I’ll win – it’s mostly true but sometimes I’m also a bit deluded. I love Dee’s work and these dolls are perfect.

Our new dolls are sitting on your bookshop – we took some photos of ourselves with them because I think they look like us.

You can read Dee’s blog here.





6 Responses to On being a winner

  1. Amanda says:

    How cool! I know you really wanted to win, so what good news for you, and that doll just is meant to be with Tom!

  2. Dee says:

    i’m astounded.
    it really was meant to be!!

  3. Tinker says:

    Haha! That’s hilarious! Lucky you.x

  4. Lynn Taylor says:

    Uncanny likeness. Oh and you sent me a teatowel once ‘Dishes I would rather be doing’…well tonight I saw the designer (from Dunedin) on the news! She has made a Ryan Gosling one and during a tv interview of Ryan himself the presenter pulled it out, showed the world and then gave it to him to keep. You could suggest to Dee that she starts making Brad Pitt dolls – you never know…

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