A lunchtime challenge

I am pretty bad at making my lunch. Tom is pretty good.

My Mum made my lunch everyday until I left home. Tom is satisfied with the exact same sandwich every day.

I get bored of lunchtime options or don’t plan ahead or pretend in the morning I don’t have enough time. I don’t even really find excitement in buying my lunch.

Therefore next week I’m setting myself a challenge: to create an interesting, nutritious lunch to take to work every day. I’m going to plan a menu, make an effort and take a photo each day of what I’ve made. I’m hoping that by making a challenge of it I’ll start to be more interested.

Any ideas gratefully received – I’ll definitely be mining the Fisher & Paykel Kitchen Blog for ideas though.

In my ideal world this is what would happen at lunchtime.


12 Responses to A lunchtime challenge

  1. At the library, I used to take a loaf of Vogels bread in on a Monday & keep it in the fridge, and also a large tub of hummus. That way, each day I had the stuff to make hummus on toast which I didn’t seem to get bored with, the way I get bored with sandwiches. I also had a jar of high quality peanut butter for a back-up topping if the hummus ran out. Some days I remembered to take other stuff, tomatoes, olives, salady bits – for more exciting toppings – but just knowing I always had hummus on toast was a good base-line.

    I also took leftovers from dinner quite often & reheated.

  2. Amanda says:

    I work from home Emma, and I even suffer from the same daily lunch time drama. My quick and easy thing that usually fills me up and satisfies my taste buds is throwing some canned chickpeas together with chopped fresh tomatoe, cucumber and avocado and mixing in a bit of homemade dressing( i make mine with grain mustard, olive oil, agave syrup and balsamic vinegar). You could make this at home and take to work very easily. Add a chunk of bread on the side if you want. Finish off with a piece of fruit , or chocolate, and it’s a decent easy lunch. Other days I have tomatoe on toast, cruskits with cheese and plum jam (yummy)……..

  3. martinboroughartdepartment says:

    I am guessing that if you could still have a surprise sandwich from mum you would love it!! Who doesn’t get bored with lunch options really? We love wholemeal pita bread, lightly toasted and then everyday stuffed with a different thing. One day it could be chickpeas and grated carrot. Another day basil, tomato and feta. Then a hummus and salad. And sliced salmon and cream cheese. Or tinned salmon, capers and salad. Or from a chicken roast, keep some aside and slice a few of the veges thin and stuff that in there with some salad. I even have to change the kinds of dressings so I don’t get bored with the flavors. Good luck lunch muncher.

  4. vexus_nexus says:

    I swear by a cheap toasted sandwich maker (you can get one for around $15 these days, which is a bit sad) and then you are only limited by your imagination and what you can put cheese with…. marmite…. corn…. salami & gherkin (careful of that one, hot hot, you’ll burn your tongue)… chutneys and pickles… kumara and leftover roast…

    My favourite is feta, red onion & a bit of chow-chow.

    Advantages include a) you can get away with not so fresh bread b) you can freeze them ahead of time. They thaw during the morning & are ripe for the toasting by lunch c) you can vary the bread for different effects.

    Two additional lunch tales. 1) I ate the same lunch every day at university for 3 years: wholemeal roll with marmite & cheese. I am not proud of this fact, though it was economical. 2) When I was in Form 1 we had a pie warmer at school that you could pay $1 to use. My mum would make me super fancy lunches like mini pizzas and hot dogs (she’d freeze them ahead of time). I still feel guilty to this day that I’d take them to school and sell them to other people in my class 😦

    Look forward to seeing your photos!

    • tomandemma says:

      These are all such great ideas and reminded me that years ago I did freeze my sandwiches and take them to work. I’m pretty sure I’ll have enough ideas soon for the rest of the year. Thanks so much!

  5. what about diy tiffin lunches using a stacked thermos?

  6. Ellen says:

    Wrap jammed full with tahine carrots zucchini shredded beetroot and tamari cooked tofu, making things all about the bright colours and less about the brown or nori filled with rice and whatever left as a roll, uncut… Deluxe Cafe manage to make these delicious or stuffed potato, cold.

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