Things to read at some point in the future

I’m forever bookmarking things to read that I find on Twitter, blogs and other online places. I guess it’s the equivalent of a folder full of newspaper clippings.

Instead of sitting down with my manila folder at my Formica table, I read through things on my tiny iPhone screen – usually on the train home. Here’s a few that I’ve spotted lately that you might like too.

Buying up art in New Zealand without spending a fortune
The Barr’s give a great guide to some of the cheaper works in the latest Webb’s catalogue. It weirds me out that the Jeffrey Harris image they’ve used to illustrate their post looks so much like William and Kate.

Has the Internet killed photography?
My friend Courtney gave a talk at City Gallery last weekend – I haven’t read the notes myself yet but she always gives good content so I know it’ll be great. You may also enjoy Dear Competent.

Do a good turn
A school library in Christchurch burnt down and they’re seeking donations of books. If you have some you’d like to give (there’s also a free postage offer) then the details are… here.

Webstock notes!
I didn’t go to Webstock this year but all the notes have been gathered in one place thanks to Mike Riversdale. A really great resource if you’re still keen to keep up with the presentation notes.

And lastly, this gem from Helen. There’s more beardy goodness here.


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