Learning new things

In the holidays when I built my new website I almost popped a vein in my forehead. Although it was an out of the box website there were still lots of things I needed to learn to create it and some of them were really really hard. However, the satisfaction at the end of it was well worth the brain pain.

In the spirit of learning new things I’ve just signed up for Phoneography 101 – an email course that teaches you how to use your phone to take better photos. I hope to learn some tricks and techniques and have a lot of fun and boost my creativity along the way. It’s also only $5 so super cheap – and well worth trying out. Sign up here.

If you’re going to buy more stuff from the Photojojo site- and spend at least $25 – then use this link¬†because it will give you $5 off your order.


One Response to Learning new things

  1. Emma says:

    Woah, good work on building your own website, I’m very impressed! I just signed up for that course too – sounds interesting… and if not it was only $5 – bargain!

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