The fruits of our labour

Saturday marked the day of our usually biennial blackberry day. Having spent most years inviting my own friends, this time it was Tom’s turn; he invited some school friends, a couple of mutual friends and his cousins to make a total of around 16 people.

We have a pretty good routine now – me cutting a path to the gate I built in the morning (picture a scene similar to the prince cutting his way to sleeping beauty through head-high thorns), Tom preparing food for a shared lunch and us both putting out tables, chairs, picnic rugs and umbrellas.

Such was the fun of the day that I didn’t take any photos with people in them but I quite like the after effects of the attacked blackberry patch in these photos.





And of course there was pie – two pies in fact; one with a bird pie whistle and the other with a lattice top.

At the end of it all we’d got a bit frazzled in the hot hot sun so headed off to the swimming hole in convoy to swim, float and cool down. Sitting around afterwards we ate Shumin’s delicious homemade pretzels and all was right with the world.


Tom and I are now surviving on a fridge of leftovers and bags of berries. It’s a hard life but someone has to do it.


5 Responses to The fruits of our labour

  1. Amanda says:

    You must have some rare local knowledge of where to find Blackberries. I didn’t think it was still possible to go out and pick them these days…..I can recall doing exactly what you have described years ago ,and getting buckets full, and mum putting lots in the freezer etc. Haven’t tasted a wild blackberry for years. P. S You didn’t come across Kate Winslet and Co anywhere in your travels over the weekend did you!

    • tomandemma says:

      The blackberries are right behind our backyard (yay!) – the only way to them is from our property so they can’t be sprayed. And no, no Kate Winslet sightings – I wonder if I’d recognize her if I saw her.

  2. Amanda says:

    Lucky you then ,to have the spray free berrys all to yourself….yummy apple and blackberry pie, and sponge puddings. And I thought it was quite nice that Kate and Ned Rocknroll ( isn’t that his name….so cool!) could just walk down thru Masterton, of all places, with the master of movies himself,and no-one make too much of a fuss. She must enjoy being able to do that…….don’t think I would have recognized her either.

  3. Ellen says:

    Emma, if you make more pie please leave a piece in my letterbox, it was the best.

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