Super almonds save the day

I realised recently that since our blog is now six years old and since we don’t live wild, adventurous lives it could just be repetition from here on in. I’ve mentioned this before but think it’s worthy of its own post as I made some in the weekend and am reminded of how good and easy they are.

And a handful of nuts is a great afternoon snack.

You will need: 1 x kg of almonds (we get ours raw at Moore Wilsons, which is a food wholesaler) and an oven.

Method: Heat your oven to 180 degrees and put the almonds on a tray. A big Pyrex dish is great but an oven tray will do. Cook for 45 minutes giving them a stir every 20 minutes or so. No oil, no seasoning, nothing – cooking your almonds will make your house smell amazing and they’re super tasty.



4 Responses to Super almonds save the day

  1. Amanda says:

    I think the reason I like reading your blog Emma is because it is not ‘wild and adventurous”, although those are your words. Your life is actually very interesting and through your eyes it is very colourful and creative and boosts my daily slog greatly! You are pretty wild with all those Roman sandals you own, and walking up that hill the other day was very adventurous……..and you even make a handful of Almonds look interesting too! So keep it coming!

    • tomandemma says:

      Thanks Amanda – that’s a really kind comment so I shall strive on and try and think of more interesting things to post. I think I spent too long the other day looking at perfect hipster blogs written by people who are famous and then felt a bit ‘meh’ about ours. But we’re not about the fame.

  2. Chelsea says:

    If you are looking for a delicious variation, try sprinkling a bit of tamari on them at the end of the roasting. OMGSOGOOD.

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