Procrastination is the new relaxation

We visited the swimming hole at the river twice this weekend. On Saturday we hovered in the water, which was way above our heads and then Tom floated around in the shape of a starfish. We got out and ate our dinner on the bank.

On Sunday we both floated like starfish and shucked off the light sweat that comes with a 30 degree day. We sat a top a slippery rock just under the waterline and watched boys jump from the rocks overhead.


I read a book and lay in the cool darkness of the spare room. We became the last two people in the world to watch Twin Peaks. I tried to tidy my studio and realised I need to use more of the things I have before buying new things. I spent some time barking like a seal thanks to my annoying cough and thinking of the things I should be doing – housework mainly – and then decided that lying on the floor in the sun was a much better idea.


2 Responses to Procrastination is the new relaxation

  1. I still haven’t watched Twin Peaks. Was it worth it?

    • tomandemma says:

      Yeah it was. It was super weird and compelling – the weird probably seemed way more extreme in 1989 when it came out but now seems less so. I’d recommend it but have so far only watched the pilot episode.

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