Friday list: 1 February 2013

I feel a bit like I’m preparing for a big event today – the garden is soaked, I’ve got the windows opened and the soda stream bottles have been filled up … today it’s going to be over 30 degrees.

Here’s what else I’m doing – a pretty sedate day as I’ve had a hacking cough all week, which has wiped me out a bit:

  • Go down and vacuum the Craft Country shop – we’re reopening for the year today
  • Update my sales book
  • Do some Emma Makes orders
  • Do a custom order I have for a little boy starting school
  • Photograph new products and list them on my website
  • Go to the Post Office
  • Rebook a meal I was supposed to go to tonight because one of my friends is sick
  • Hack up a bit more of my cough
  • Hopefully do some reading.


One Response to Friday list: 1 February 2013

  1. Amanda says:

    30 degrees plus…. is hot! We had 35 here at our place yesterday, and by 3pm I was wilting! I had done all I could for the day, had even had one cold shower to try to get a bit more energy but, no, I had run out of oomph! Trick inside the house is to close all the curtains/blinds on the sunny side of the house early in the day even though you feel like a bit of a hermit, it does help later in the evening…and we went to bed last night with a fan wirring away…then woke up about 2am feeling cold! Like you say Emma, it is like preparing for a big event though! Today down here is going to be the same I think……and it is without the Nor West winds, which is sort of good ,because they really wipe you down flat and suck the moisture out of you!

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