To the edge and back

On Saturday Tom and I drove over to Kaitoke (just on the other side of the hill) and walked to the summit of the Rimutaka Rail Trail and back. The walk is beautiful around bush-covered hills and above a river – with an old bridge and a tunnel too. Although it’s uphill on the way there the gradient is really subtle so it doesn’t seem too arduous. You can see photos from Tom’s last visit here.

The thing is, the walk was 20 kilometers, which was realistically about five kilometers more than I was physically and mentally capable of. It was hot, I had a thumping headache and we needed to take way more water than we did.

By the last few rest stops (there were more the closer to the end we got) I was truly exhausted and Tom did an epic job of keeping up witty and upbeat chatter in a non-stop stream of distraction. Usually I could just spur myself on, think up a game and get on with it but I was all out of everything and wondered if the walk would ever end.

When we got home we just lay on the bed like zombies for ages and then spent yesterday doing low-energy things like the washing and watching a movie and reading in the sun.

I’m not against doing the summit again but would like to bike it next time – the return trip is all slightly downhill, which must be a lot of fun.

Other things that are 20 kilometers…

  • Featherston to Carterton 
  • Wellington to Stokes Valley
  • Winton to Makarewa

3 Responses to To the edge and back

  1. martinboroughartdepartment says:

    Mammoth effort. Go you!

  2. toastandcupcakes says:

    Good golly! Well done. I apsire to get that much exercise one day.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Lovely photo! I had to calculate kilometers into miles – 12.4. That’s a very long hike – excellent job!

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