Friday list: 25 January 2013

  • Go for a walk – I got up at 5am to go but it was too hard to get conscious so I went back to bed
  • Wash the dishes – my first week back to work so things got a little less done the further through the week I got
  • Package up some stuff to post
  • Go to the post office to send parcels and collect parcels
  • Update my sales book
  • Make some cushions
  • Talk some photos of products
  • Get a bra fitting in Greytown
  • List new products on my website
  • Being realistic, probably have a nap


5 Responses to Friday list: 25 January 2013

  1. Amanda says:

    Enjoy the bra fitting, nothing better than a new , well fitting bra!

  2. I might re-start my previous habit of answering your friday list with my friday list:

    -clean our disheveled house
    -take kids to library to restock on books and DVDs
    -continue studio sort out
    -drop bootload of stuff off at Art Recycling Centre
    -make some kind of baked good with green tea powder
    -2pm, take M to Lollipops Playland
    -make mexican food for dinner
    -8.30pm, writing date with a friend

    Have a grand day, my friend! x

  3. Widge says:

    “It was hard to get conscious so I went back to bed” story of my life!

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