Great new art and design things you might like

At the start of the year there always seems to be a lot of ‘new’ – new websites, new online projects, new product lines, new exhibitions, new ideas.

So here’s a few great art and design happenings I’ve spotted lately – mostly by friends.


My new Emma Makes website

I made myself a new Emma Makes website over the break. I wrote about it the other day but you might have missed that.

Bliss in a Teacup

Becka and Richard at Bliss in a Teacup have created a beautiful new website, new product range and a new summer look book. They’ve reworked their design and branding and are also currently running a competition on their Facebook page. Their blog has been great reading recently too.

Dear Colleen

Dear Colleen has recently signed up to Society6, which is an international site turning designs into iPod covers, cushions, prints, t-shirts and other great things. I particularly like this cushion.

If you’re in Christchurch you could take a drive out to Little River to see my friend Lynn’s exhibition. It’s entirely filled with work made by Taylors, which is a weird but hilarious theme.


Felt featured seller Cheese Before Bedtime

Cheese Before Bedtime is one of my favourite sellers on Felt and is their current featured seller. She makes stitched artworks – if you comment below her feature you can win an artwork too. Or win and give it to me!


2 Responses to Great new art and design things you might like

  1. thismumrocks says:

    Thanks for the suggestion about Taylor Made!

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