Life in minature


When we arrived in Winton for Christmas, Mum had set up this little Christmas scene across an entire table. I found it strangely captivating.


These little ladies sit on a chest in the room I sleep in in Winton. I like that they have no legs.


I almost killed myself laughing taking this photo. It’s a wonder it’s in focus at all – I took it before Christmas when Tom and I were having a sushi lunch on the lawn at City Gallery in Wellington.


5 Responses to Life in minature

  1. Amanda says:

    Very clever with the chopsticks! Whose great idea was that??

  2. Rhiannon says:

    Are the dolls intended for tea cosies, do you think? I like that nearly all of them have their hand up on their chest, is if it say ‘Who, me?’

  3. Jeannie (Mum ) says:

    Yes special wee half dolls I love. They have little holes on their base to sew into knitted tea cosies, so they look as though they are popping out !

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