The joy of cooking

“The other day I saw a risotto that you put in the microwave for two minutes. Now, I know how long it takes to cook a risotto. What’s in there to make that happen? I don’t understand why people think they’re too busy in their lives to cook a decent risotto. The joy of cooking and sharing with your family and friends – having people making sex noises when they’re eating the food that you’ve cooked for them – that’s brilliant! To put something in a microwave for two minutes – that just takes the joy out of life.”

I read this the other night in bed and it struck a chord. Firstly because it’s so true, secondly because I think those microwave meals are the world’s saddest product and I feel sad everytime I see someone buy one. Thirdly because food humpers (people that make sex noises when they eat) are hilarious and once you hear one at work it’s hard not to laugh.

The quote comes from Rohan Anderson’s interview in the most recent issue of Extra Curricular. He was new to me but has a blog and a new book coming out soon.

You can buy Extra Curricular here.

Evans Family Collection: Evans family eating dinner, 5 Mansford Place.From Palmerston North City Library

I don’t actually do the cooking at our house but can confirm I take great joy in eating Tom’s wonderful creations each night. They’re always lovingly made and interesting.


3 Responses to The joy of cooking

  1. Awesome photos on the Whole Larder Love blog

  2. Amanda says:

    Started reading his blog….great way with words he has, took me away into the Aussi bush before I knew it!

  3. Ellen says:

    I am a food humper. When I first read your post I thought you were going to endorse a recipe for instant risotto. An underbelly blog post. Thankfully not. My mum made special risotto habitually because it was amazing but then we all went off at because someone said it tasted like chlorine. Anyone else think Saffron tastes like chlorine ?

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