A day to sew

This morning when I woke up I had no desire to do anything. A symptom of holidays probably since I have nothing I have to do it’s really easy to do nothing or not be able to work out what to do (I know, first world problem).

On our morning walk Tom asked me, “At the end of your holiday, what would you be disappointed not to have done?” Genius question – the answer was immediately clear: sew for myself.

Years ago I used to sew things for myself all the time but these days I often buy fabric to sew and don’t get around to it or use it for Emma Makes projects instead. So today I went to the studio armed with a bunch of podcasts and listened and sewed. I made a summer dress from an old sheet and some great bias binding a local woman gave me.

Then I made a floor-length jersey skirt and a black petticoat with lace around the bottom, which was too boring to photograph.


I think the bias binding really makes this simple cotton dress.


A simple floor-length striped jersey skirt.


2 Responses to A day to sew

  1. amanda says:

    Nice, bet the skirt is comfy.

  2. Ellen says:

    yellow dress is so excellent -very- I wish it were your daily sunshine forecast uniform so my eyes would see it regularly

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