Friday list: 4 January 2013

Today I’m going to borrow a trailer from a lovely person down the road and then roam around our property putting piles of weeds and cut-down branches in it. Since December we’ve been doing little bits on the garden so it’s now time for some of the detritus to head to the green waste at the dump. Of course this will also mean I have to weed the side garden, which is super overgrown and also trim the lavender.

Also this week I’ve:

  • Made new covers for the manky chair on the porch. We’d let it get wet a few too many times so now it’s dried out I covered it in plastic until it looked like a creepy crime-scene torso then sewed new covers and sprayed the bejesus out of them with waterproofing spray.
  • Cleaned out the pen draw (probably turfed out about 50 pens that were dead)
  • Cleaned out the plastics cupboard and paired bottoms with tops
  • Weeded the front garden

Still to do:

  • Wash the kitchen cupboards – they’re cream, which is nice until you notice they look filthy.
  • Tidy out about four more drawers
  • General house cleaning
  • Tidy the verandah
  • Some sewing for myself
  • Dig the hole round the other apple tree, and
  • Work on a secret Emma Makes project.

The more I do the more I see to do but I still have about 18 days of holiday to go.

Yesterday Tom had a massive cook up and filled our freezer with curries and casserole. He’d denied himself a nap (he’s returning to work on Monday so in training for wakefulness) so went to bed early. I put on some Elton John (great cleaning music) and set about washing the pile of dishes, cleaning the benches and washing the floor.

When my Mum first started her catering business, before she employed staff, this was my job – returning home from a function at about 10pm or 11pm, kicking off my shoes, putting on music and ploughing through the dishes of 300 or so people. I really enjoyed the time alone, the thinking time and the slow process of making things clean again.

Now I have to remember to start a list of the good ideas I had while washing.

The chair on the porch - not so manky now.

The chair on the porch – not so manky now.


4 Responses to Friday list: 4 January 2013

  1. Are you going to keep the lavender heads for your lavender bags? All you have to do is put them somewhere dark and dry for a few months, then when they are dry, rub them and biff the stalks. Voila! I dry my own lavender and I’ve got heaps now. It’s easy and satisfying.

    • tomandemma says:

      No because they’re the wrong type of lavender – I’ve tried these before dried but they feel like bugs. We have French lavender and I really prefer English for my bags.

  2. Reblogged this on daisyandzelda and commented:
    Love this recycled chair!

  3. Jeannie (Mum ) says:

    I knew those hours of dishes late at night would set you up to have very good life skills !
    Fantastic home holiday jobs you have been doing Em. X

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