RIP our dear friend apple


For weeks Tom and I have watched this little apple – our only one – grow on our new apple tree. Sadly, in this week’s crazy wind it fell off and will now die. RIP little apple. We are far sadder about this than is probably normal.


5 Responses to RIP our dear friend apple

  1. carol says:

    you could encase it in resin and keep it on your mantlepiece… then it would live forever~! :))

  2. amanda says:

    I know you will be feeling sad at the moment…but in the horticultural world it is not such a disaster, your little apple tree will actually now do a bit better growth wise as it can throw its energy into some major growing and next season you will probably have a lovely crop of a least 4-6 beautiful apples to nurture!

    • tomandemma says:

      Oh such a nice comment! My only concern is how to stop the wind blowing all the apples off next time – although I guess they’ll just need to adapt and hopefully we won’t have 140kph winds next year.

  3. […] time last year we had only one apple and then it died – so all this fruit is super exciting. Any gardening advice for this stage would be most […]

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