The world’s slowest gardener

One of the great things about having a long holiday is that you can just do gardening until you get sick of it. Which for me is about one-two hours at a time.

At our house we have lots of little jobs to do or things that we haven’t quite got around to. Like my collection of hanging baskets – bought years ago for cheap at the dump shop and unearthed by Tom when he cleaned out the garage. “Do something with these or I’m throwing them out,” he said.

I found some cheap and cheerful flowers in the specials bin at Mitre 10 and planted them up in the drizzle, standing under the walnut tree for cover. I haven’t hung them because I think they look nicer at ground level on the world’s smallest deck.





3 Responses to The world’s slowest gardener

  1. Rachelle says:

    those are lovely x

  2. […] the garden this weekend once looked like this. I can see that our collection of baskets were once filled with colourful flowers (in the weekend I pulled out a bunch of dead, drought-ruined […]

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