My New Year resolution


I don’t often make New Year resolutions – instead I try and think of small things to improve, or use the opportunity of starting fresh to plan for the upcoming year. For the last couple of years I’ve run with the idea of considering requests before automatically saying ‘yes’ and then being depleted by the task and that’s working really well.

This year I’m aiming to be less responsible. I don’t mean slacking off, not showing up for appointments for being a general douche… I mean not taking responsibility and covering for other people’s work they’ve signed up to and not completed, letting go of relationships that aren’t healthy and not feeling bad about it, trying not to question Tom so much about whether he’s remembered this or that and generally not overthinking everything.

It’s a large goal but hopefully piece by piece I can improve my oldest-child-Virgo need to be so good and responsible.


2 Responses to My New Year resolution

  1. martinboroughartdepartment says:

    Yay for you Emma. You know that will leave more room for play.

  2. What a good resolution! I usually make a list resolutions that I want to work on (also the eldest child). This year I am not making any (apart from the resolution to not make resolutions, which might create some sort of resolution paradox?!), and am going to try and just maintain and enjoy the status quo. It was my husband Jim’s idea. Go him.

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