Give us today our daily job

Once work is over, the Emma Makes shop is shut for summer, I’ve dished out my Christmas presents and yearly commitments are done then I can return to my true state: lazy.

Unfortunately lazy also goes hand in hand with “what the hell did I do all holidays” so I’ve taken to trying to achieve one thing a day. Sometimes that thing will be reading but most times it will be a job around the house that needs to be done.

Yesterday (our first day back from Southland Christmas) I dug a border around the apple tree. When we planted the trees Helen told me fruit trees don’t like grass around them so this has been on the jobs list for quite a while.

It was bloody hard work and unfortunately there are two trees so the other one will be for another day’s toil. I spur myself on when doing gardening tasks that involve digging by thinking that I’ll only have to do it once and then wonder how much a gardener would cost.


I’ve also got quite out of a good exercise routine so got up at 5am this morning with Tom and went for a walk around Featherston (I came home and went straight back to bed for a nap afterwards). It was a grand day out walking with the sun rising towards Greytown and the rain clouds coming in.

photoRight now I’m downloading podcasts and will then go and plant a few things we bought yesterday – flowers and lettuces mainly.


2 Responses to Give us today our daily job

  1. toastandcupcakes says:

    I wonder if my lemon tree might actually produce fruit if I dug it a wee grass-free spot. Might need to give it a crack – five fruitless years is just not cutting it!
    I have no idea how you can function enough to walk that early in the morning. I hope one day I might also find this super power, then I might actually get out walking too – even my kids are asleep at that hour!

  2. […] – rather shockingly – it’s been almost a whole year that I’ve been “meaning to dig around the other apple tree.” Better do that after […]

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