Friday list: 21 December 2012

I’m on holiday now (yay) so this is my last Friday list for the year before I get into some serious napping, reading and pottering.

  • Half a day in the Craft Country shop (I’m doing half today and half tomorrow)
  • Bike to the shop on my new bike
  • Write Christmas cards – yep, way too late
  • Write some thank you notes to stockists
  • Go to the Post Office
  • Return my library books
  • Pick up the Craft Country sign from the Greytown Library – it wouldn’t fit in the car last week and I haven’t been able to get it this week
  • Take some stock to the shop
  • Make a wreath for the front door


2 Responses to Friday list: 21 December 2012

  1. amanda says:

    Have a great holiday Emma, we actually stopped in Featherston the other day on our big drive from Chch up to the Bay of Islands where we are now relaxing for a few weeks with family. I was looking out for you in case you strolled down the street! We used the loos by the playground and I admired the new sculpture/wind grass…very nice. Thanks for your weekly read, love your style!

  2. Merry Christmas Emma! Have a lovely holiday season, and a happy end to the year x

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