Keeping on, keeping on

There was a time on Saturday evening when I lay on the floor of the Greytown Town Hall building and wondered if I’d ever get up.

Saturday was Craft Country Fair day and while the Fair was the most beautiful and well-stocked of any we’ve had, it wasn’t as well attended as in past years, the audience was much older than expected and sales weren’t as good as many stallholders had planned.

Couple that with months of planning and promotion and a handful of soul-sucking issues to be dealt with last-minute before we opened and I was emotionally spent.

Michele and I had individually decided before the doors opened that we wouldn’t do the Fair again and that is the right decision. We’ve had three good years and everything has a natural course: this is ours.

Since Saturday I’ve been my myself a lot – Tom left Sunday morning for his man alone road trip to Taranaki and I’ve pottered about the house (when not at work) having quite a nice time.

My online Emma Makes orders continue to tick in but the pace is somewhat easier to deal with and I finally got around to doing necessary tasks like tidying my room. Who knew I had so much floor space?


I cleaned out my wardrobe, which is now filled with nice, summer clothes and dusted properly and even washed the floor boards.


Then I sewed Tom a Santa Suit (fingers crossed it fits) but a word to the wise – fun fur is not that much fun. It’s more like up your nose and down your throat fur.


Tonight I’ll have more orders to do, a bit more tidying to accomplish, another Christmas present to get in the post and then – to cap it all off and make the house look nice for Tom’s return I will place my new pom-pom garland that I bought at Craft Country from Tea Pea. You can get yours here.


5 Responses to Keeping on, keeping on

  1. Thanks for organising the fair. It was great. Sorry to hear that you won’t be doing it again next year.

  2. Lynn Taylor says:

    Liking that pom pom garland. I like how people think up new ways to re represent a craft in stylie ways. In a Dunedin design store there are some gorgeous pom poms mounted on thin driftwood sticks (like flower heads) and are displayed in groups of three in old fashioned milk bottles.

  3. Rhiannon says:

    Is Tom playing Santa for a bunch of kids? Or was his wardrobe just a bit lacking? Either way, top effort on your part – that faux fur is a big, fluffy, pain in the rear.

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