Introducing the Featherston Chronicle

In Featherston news comes from four places:

  1. The Featherston Facebook page
  2. The supermarket noticeboard
  3. Friends and random strangers in the street/train
  4. The Featherston Phoenix – our monthly newsletter.

On Monday evening we arrived home to a new news source: the Featherston Chronicle. I assumed at first it was a rival to the Phoenix, then maybe that it was a nutter conspiracy mag but no, far greater – it’s a satire newsletter about our town.

With genius issues covered such as the Trust House Zen Garden, the problems associated with illegal Spring lamb fighting rings and a correction noting our local MP was mistakingly listed as John Gayes, it’s pure genius.

If you don’t live in Featherston it’s probably just weird. Either way you can read it online now because the publishers sent me a PDF copy.


4 Responses to Introducing the Featherston Chronicle

  1. Ken Double says:

    I just came across this work of genius yesterday. In print no less. Who the hell are these people and how can they be encouraged?

    • tomandemma says:

      I have no idea Ken but it’s so good – each time I see the local newsletter poking out of the mailbox I hope it’s another issue of the Featherston Chronicle.

      • Ken Double says:

        Well, I intend to find out. I’m tempted to think it’s Greytown taking the piss, but that’s not exactly the way they roll.

      • tomandemma says:

        Oh no they’re not funny enough for that. Definitely someone in Featherston is my pick because it’s so close to the truth.

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