Do they know it’s Christmas?

This morning as I was getting dressed the radio played me Do They Know It’s Christmas?

Which made me think, when we first heard this song in the 1980s as kids, I knew about the famine in Ethiopia and generally felt sorry for the people that couldn’t have Christmas and those other children that would appreciate my brussel sprouts because they were starving.

But today the world feels smaller. And I wondered whether the song actually had any relevance – do Africans even celebrate Christmas? Computer says maybe – but not likely. There’s apparently 350 million Christians in Africa but a population of one billion so that’s only about a third anyway. This song would never work today.

I know it’s Christmas because this week in one single day I received eight – count them – eight e-mail newsletters espousing the benefits of this or that Christmas gift.

Christmas is a weird time. It should be (if you don’t make it about the baby Jesus) aboutĀ spending time with family, resting, relaxing and being grateful.

However, working in the big city, I often feel it’s about buying the most gifts and spending the most money. Therefore I am once again endorsing my personal decision to buy handmade this Christmas – either online (Felt is doing it for me) or through craft markets. I’m almost done and if I can buy my Dad a Christmas AND birthday present that is both handmade and cool then anyone can make this work.


2 Responses to Do they know it’s Christmas?

  1. Tony says:

    So that is a tattoo for Dad?

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