A weekend in Hastings

This past weekend I spent in Hastings, which I was quite surprised to learn is only a three-four hour drive from our house.

My friend Michele and I went up for Fruit Bowl Craft Jam, which is a big craft fair that runs over a Saturday night and then again on Sunday. Here’s a few happy snaps from the trip…


I highly recommend some flowers for your car trip. These ones were for my stall at the fair – we transported them in two ginger beer bottles that sat in the cup holders.


I spotted this numbering in Woodville – I just liked the look of it.


I’d been into this second-hand shop in Woodville heaps of times before but only just noticed this great lino.


Just off the main road in Dannevirke was a great playground with adjoining rose garden. A great place for a pit stop and to scoff a (really good) sandwich from Black Stump Cafe.


This is a tiny little piece of my stall at the fair.


On the way home we stopped for a cup of tea at Mulberry Paper Cafe – a great place in the middle of nowhere that had really good chairs.


These blue roses gave me the mental rouse-up I needed to make the drive home.

In other news, I’ve listed most of my new Christmas stock in my online shop now.


3 Responses to A weekend in Hastings

  1. Amanda says:

    Hope you had a succesful outing at Hastings. Do you know that while I was viewing your photos here, which are as interesting as always, some lovely white snowy dots have been sprinkled over the screen? Is that your magic doing?

  2. Amanda says:

    It is lovely, never seen it before.

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