Christmas gifts for your bland sister-in-law

Yesterday when I did my Felt showcase for the week, Amanda asked for some gift ideas for a sister-in-law who is bland that she doesn’t particularly like. No problem, here’s my suggestions – once again sticking to useable stuff.

A nice teatowel is practical yet pretty. Most middle-aged women I know like Russian dolls and blue is always a good middle-of-the-road colour choice.

Include a note that says, “I thought this would make a great reusable shopping bag and it’s pretty too” and you’re sorted.

Bland sister-in-law lives in an older house so some vintage button magnets (if she has a white fridge) might be good. Otherwise, find a metal tray at the op-shop and together you’ve got an instant noticeboard. Top tip – take a magnet to the op-shop to make sure it sticks to the type of metal you’re buying.

Find a couple of great outdoor table/party photos on Pinterest, include them with a set of napkins and ta-da inspiration strikes. You might also add a big citronella candle to this gift.

Once again, find some nice images on Pinterest of candles hanging in trees – or add this to the napkins present.

Go with the ‘treat yourself’ angle and get some slippers made – you’ll just need to find out what shoe size she is. These are pretty and practical.

Quite a tame version of one of New Zealand’s most iconic domestic decorations. This also comes in a box frame, which is great because it means bland sister-in-law can sit it on a shelf too rather than hang it.


8 Responses to Christmas gifts for your bland sister-in-law

  1. Amanda says:

    Lovely suggestions, in fact they are almost all too nice, (don’t I sound horrible). You haven’t suggested any Emma Makes though?
    I will look on your site for some of your pencils with some witty sayings…

  2. Amanda says:

    Actullay just saw your Xmas , Naughty or Nice pencils, might see if she would ‘get’ those.

  3. Delia says:

    I would be really happy to be given any of those gifts & I’m sure I’m not bland! My fallback present for hard-to-buy-fors is a boxed of scorched almonds… cheap & cheerful:) Nobody can frown at a box of scorched almonds

  4. Ella says:

    I hope bland sister in law doesn’t read blogs 😛

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