Felt showcase: Gifts to buy for hard to buy for people

There’s always someone at Christmas that’s hard to buy for so today’s Felt showcase is set to help you.

I believe hard to buy for people all generally fall into these categories:

  • People who you have to buy for but you don’t really know/want to buy for
  • People who you don’t enjoy buying for
  • People who have everything
  • People who are bland and/or fussy.

My suggestion? Buy something¬†usable (because it will eventually be used up and won’t hang around their house) that isn’t overly personal and then wrap it really well. Don’t spend a lot of money either. If you want to bulk out a present for not much money then add in a block of chocolate.

A nice (not too gaudy) Christmas decoration gets put on the tree then only has to be used once a year.

Everyone has a name. Pick their letter, get it put on a notebook – job done.

Seeds are a great gift for people who have any sort of garden. Get the kind you can just biff around that then magically grow with no care required.

Everyone must wash. Soap is a universal gift.

Combine two of these great ideas into a soap that is also a Christmas decoration.

A bookmark could be good – include a Booksellers Token for extra love.


9 Responses to Felt showcase: Gifts to buy for hard to buy for people

  1. excellent – and agreed about a use-able present that will not hang around! x

  2. Amanda says:

    I have a bland sister-in-law, can you help me please! Am needing inspiration with using one of your notebooks and pencils. PS I don’t really like her. ( I know this is not nice, and I am not joking.)

  3. Amanda says:

    PPS..I was meaning I was not being nice about the S.I. L, not your lovely notebooks and pencils!

    • tomandemma says:

      I can help you – shall I make that tomorrow’s post? Yes A Felt showcase for bland sisters-in-law. Can you tell me what age she is, if she lives in an old or new house and if she’s relaxed or uptight? Then stay tuned…

  4. Amanda says:

    I must be careful with my answers or could get myself in trouble, but ,…. 40’s, house older,uptight, opionated,no fashion sense…

  5. Ellen says:

    You make me laugh.
    I am totally excited about the scrabble christmas decoration for my mother and the soup gingerbread decoration. You could easily sell yourself as a quality gift advisor.

  6. […] when I did my Felt showcase for the week, Amanda asked for some gift ideas for a sister-in-law who is bland that she […]

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