Friday list: 23 November 2012

  • Weed the vege garden if it’s fine
  • Deliver Craft Country Fair postcards to Martinborough and Greytown (I used my smarts and outsourced this one)
  • Cut out pixie bags
  • Cut out pixie bag handles
  • Sew art deco/black top bags that I’ve pinned
  • Cut out bag linings for art deco/black top bags
  • Do Emma Makes orders
  • Toil in the studio
  • Spraypaint notebook covers
  • Make notebooks
  • Get together a sewing pile for my shop duty on Saturday
  • Training at the shop for a new employee
  • Media interview at the shop about the Fair
  • Train into town for Tom’s birthday dinner

Let me just torment you with the forecast for Masterton (same as Featherston) for today:

4 Responses to Friday list: 23 November 2012

  1. Lynn Taylor says:

    Happy Birthday Tom! Hope your toiling goes well Emma.

  2. Julie Broadhead says:

    That sounds a very varied list, mine consists of only one line. Get out in the garden! Have a great birthday dinner.

  3. amanda says:

    Had a great wkend here…lots of crafty markets to choose from and went for first summer swim in the sea…temp today was 23 at the time!

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