I’m on a knife edge for Obama

I really enjoy coverage of US Elections – as an exchange student I was top of my American Government class in Saginaw MI (I know, right?) and have found the process really interesting ever since. However, today I’m on a knife-edge waiting to see whether Obama will win.

American politics are so much more interesting that ours – probably because of the cult of personality of each Presidential candidate, the extreme hype and lobbying that Americans do so well and the more opposing views each party holds. In New Zealand the major parties tend to fall quite closely together, the leaders aren’t usually people I feel inspired by and it can all just get a bit apathetic.

At work I spend a lot of time on Twitter (as part of my job) and it’s currently filled with advice that if you’re standing in line when the polls close then you can still vote. Surely it’s time for electronic voting – an iPhone app, text voting, anything to speed up the process so it doesn’t involve most of the day in a line?

Fingers crossed for Obama because I can’t stand four years of looking at Mittens. Sorry, I mean Mitt.


3 Responses to I’m on a knife edge for Obama

  1. Ellen says:

    I like your posts I do I do and today I disagree. I wish neither of them would win. If the Economic puppeteers are truly inescapable at least get Bill Murray to perform?

  2. thismumrocks says:

    Well,us politics may be more interesting than kiwi politics,but as a Canadian transplant, I am very appreciative of the fact that in New Zealand my vote actually counts. Because of the geography and population, the Canadian prime minister is basically decided by those living in Ontario and Quebec, their polls close 3 hours before the ones in BC and they have the largest number of residents. That and i love that nz had to pass a law stating “no knitting in parliament!”

    • tomandemma says:

      Wow that’s so interesting – and so frustrating! Imagine only people in Auckland and Wellington deciding our parliament. Still, I do feel a similar sense in Wairarapa since our electorate is so vast – right up to Dannevirke – and none of those conservative farmers share my political views damn it.

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