My goal: shopping local and handmade for Christmas

Last night I started my Christmas shopping. Yes, really.

A few years ago after Tom’s Dad died and my parents broke up I really couldn’t deal with well-meaning shop assistants asking me, “How are yooooo today?” when most days I was barely holding my shit together so I did most of the Christmas shopping online. It was brilliant – I wrote a list of the people I needed to buy for, trolled websites and had everything delivered to my front porch.

Buying online is also a great way to avoid spending extra money because you don’t feel the frenzy of other shoppers and don’t fall into the trap of buying presents for yourself too.

This year I’ve decided to try and make a good effort to do a lot of my shopping on Felt – a website of glorious handmade and designed New Zealand products. I’m not sure I can find something for everyone on there but lots of the people I buy for I can.

What also makes it easy is that Felt has put together a Christmas shopping guide. An actual useful guide where the prices are reasonable and the products are good-looking. My main problem now is to find the sweet spot between buying too early and missing out on later-released Christmas stuff and waiting too long and missing out all together.

Set of 12 whimsical tags from Sweet William.

In another fit of enthusiasm I thought I might also sew drawstring bags for present wrapping instead of using paper. We’ll see how that goes…


7 Responses to My goal: shopping local and handmade for Christmas

  1. martinboroughartdepartment says:

    Isn’t that so true about not getting into the frenzy of forking over cash at Christmas! I have MAD extra virgin olive oil if you need practical useable artisan gifts for foodie lovers and I am happy to swap for some handmade amazing art and craft of yours.

  2. thriftygifty says:

    Yes, that’s my plan too well for the items I can’t make, already been trawling felt. Markets are next.

  3. katy says:

    Re: the drawstring bags, you could go the Japanese way and use/make furoshiki (“wrapping cloths”). I use what this site describes as the “basic wrap” for gifts and have a whole lot of bits of fabric tucked away for the purpose 🙂

  4. lovestitches says:

    Nothing beats shopping online – no queues, no shop assistants giving you the hard sell and delivered to your door. When you have a baby you’ll find its a lifesaver too – no need to memorise the loction of every public loo in the area you’ll be. Plus how good are the prices on Felt!

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