An unexpected day off

I took a day’s annual leave today because my friend Chelsea was going to visit from Melbourne. Unfortunately she didn’t make it (long story involving a cancelled flight, a puking toddler and a lot of heartbreak at the airport) so I was a free agent.

I know, free in Featherston – crazy shit.

My roman sandals arrived – the last pairs I’ll ever own unless I find some in an op-shop. These were the last colours in my size and I’ve never owned grey before – I like to think of them as my corporate romans.

I spent most of the day in the studio sewing cats, prototyping a new cat cushion/giant toy and making some skull notebooks. My friend Ellen has been helping me so once we’ve got a touch high off the fumes of the spray glue we came inside, ate freshly-baked chocolate cake and chatted by the fire.

New romans and really old green romans that I’m wearing today.


2 Responses to An unexpected day off

  1. Ella says:

    I have a secret longing for Roman Sandals. They are cool.

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